Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Delhi Double Page Layout

Hi Friends! I'm not sure who looks at this blog, but it seems like I have friends in South Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico and Alaska. :) Welcome! I hope that you are finding lots of design inspiration from the pages I post! Feel free to "follow my blog" or leave comments. Those make me feel special and help me to see that what I post is actually helpful to people. Also, feel free to let me know what you'd like to see or what I can do better. :) The focus of my blog is mostly double page layouts. I feel like these are neglected in the blogging world and most of the projects seem to be cards because they are quick to put together. I love cards and they give me great ideas, but I always wanted to see more blogs dedicated specifically to double page layouts. So that's my intention for this blog. :) 

Here's another travel layout! I promise my blog will become more varied, but I scrapbook chronologically, so that's what you'll be seeing most of for now. I am still in Washington DC and I will be in Utah this weekend!
I thought the Beware of Pick Pockets sign at the post office was hilarious. 
The monkeys scaling the city wall in Delhi were so cool. I wish we had monkeys running around our cities in the US! That would be an interesting sight..
 These fabric tags from Making Memories are great!

Have a lovely day!


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