Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I Want to Be a Doodlebug Design Team Member

So I never mentioned the REAL reason that I started this scrapbooking blog about a month ago. On August 4th, my absolute favorite scrapbooking company, Doodlebug Design Inc. announced a first ever design team call. I started this blog the same day. :)

What do I love about Doodlebug? They are one of the first scrapbooking companies in the industry and over the years, their style has remained consistent: cute, playful, happy and bright. I absolutely adore their font. They also have some of the most creative ads. I have a binder full of them that I've carefully saved over the years and placed in plastic page protectors for inspiration. Here is just a small portion of the ads that I've collected:
Aren't those ads awesome? I love a lot of things about scrapbooking. It's important for me to preserve my memories and journals. But scrapbooking is also a great stress reliever. How can you not be happy when you get to play with little glittery Doodlebug snowmen stickers with huge heads? I also like shopping for scrapbooking products. What woman doesn't love shopping? Here is a portion of my Doodlebug collection:
Doodlebug was even on of the first companies to team up with Cricut. Cynthea Sandoval, Doodlebug founder designed the cartridges in the photo above. I will post pictures of my Doodlebug projects for my design team application this week. Wish me luck! It would be such an honor to be one of the first design team members for one of my favorite scrapbooking companies!


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  1. I'm impressed with every creation and design. You would be an awesome doodlebug design team member. Good luck.